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Peace of Mind on Your Big Day: A Look Inside Our Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Three glass vases with three floating candles and white table number sign that reads "Table Three"
THE Table Numbers

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It's a day that you'll cherish and remember for years to come. Having an emergency kit on hand can help you feel more prepared for unexpected situations that may arise. We learned this the hard way when Danica was an assistant coordinator early in her career when a bride forgot their table numbers and the only ones we could find in a rush did not have enough numbers (and yes - that is a photo of the table numbers!). Since then, we have made it our mission to include everything that a couple could possibly need in their wedding day emergency kit. And maybe you will even get some ideas on what you should include in yours!

Table numbers: As Danica learned in her early wedding career, table numbers are a must-have in any wedding day emergency kit. It's always a good idea to have a few extra available just in case your supplier sends the wrong numbers or if some go missing.

Chalk: Chalk markers are great for writing on chalkboards or signs and can be used to label anything last minute. Pro Tip: white chalk can even help cover some stains on crtain white outfits.

Writing utensils: We can all agree that pens and pencils always come in handy. You never know when you might need to write down some last-minute notes, sign some important documents, or use them for your guest book!

Stain removers: Spills are bound to happen, especially with all of the eating, drinking, and dancing that takes place at a wedding. That's why having a stain remover on hand is essential. It can quickly remove any unsightly stains, saving the day for not just the couple - but so many others as well!

Weddings by Danica Team members behind their wedding expo display featuring their Emergency Kit

Hair, makeup, and other skincare products: Weddings can be long, and makeup and hair often have to stay flawless throughout the event. Having extra hairspray, bobby pins, and even a backup lipstick on hand can make all the difference! Be sure to get items for all of your bridal parties hair and skin types to really show them some extra love.

Kleenex: Tears of joy and laughter are going to flow on your wedding day. That's why having a box of Kleenex handy will save you and your guests from running around trying to find something to wipe their tears. Your wedding coordinator who still cries at weddings may also need them.

Sewing kit: A torn dress, loose buttons, or a stray thread can ruin a beautiful wedding day. That's why having a mini sewing kit on hand can be a lifesaver. It can help fix any wardrobe malfunctions that might occur.

Skin tone bandaids: Even the most comfortable shoes can cause blisters. Having some skin tone band-aids on hand can provide relief and prevent any further discomfort as you dance the night away. And yes, it is important to consider all of your guests and get skin tones in various colors.

Cake stand and knife: A wedding cake (or something to cut into!) is a must-have at any wedding. Having a cake stand and knife on hand, even if your catering or baker is providing one, can help in case they forget or encounter an emergency.

Wedding Coordinator holding multiple boxes of floating candle 4 packs

Extra candles: Candles are often used to add ambiance and mood to the reception space. Having a few extra candles can come in handy in case any breaks or accidentally get blown out. If you are using Floating candles, make sure you have a pitcher to fill the vases! (And yes, if we have to go to multiple stores to find enough candles because you may have forrgeten to order them - we will!!)

Extension cords and batteries: You never know when you may need an extension cord or batteries. These items can help in case your DJ or other vendors need power or the hairstylists are using all the available outlets.

We include all of this and more in our Emergency Kit at Weddings by Danica to help you and your guests with any unforeseen circumstances. These items mentioned, along with many others, can make all the difference when it comes to having a smooth and stress-free wedding day. Take some time to consider what you might need and don't be afraid to reach out to Wedding by Danica for guidance in the perfect items to include in your kit. Remember, you can never be too prepared for your big day!

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