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The Ultimate Wedding Industry Glossary: Never Get Lost in Vendor-Speak Again

Congratulations on your engagement! As you begin planning your wedding day, you may come across some new vocabulary that you're not familiar with. The wedding industry has its own set of terms, so don't be caught off guard. We've compiled a list of commonly used words in the wedding industry and what they mean, so you can feel confident and informed as you plan your big day.

1. Bustle - A bustle is a way to lift and secure a wedding dress train. This is especially important for the reception when you want to move around and dance without your train getting in the way. There are different types of bustles, so talk to your seamstress about which one will work best for your gown. Pro Tip: Take photos and video of your semstress showing you how to bustle your dress and share it with those who plan to help you day of!

2. Receiving Line - A receiving line is when the newlywed couple and sometimes their families greet guests as they leave the ceremony and head to the reception. This is a great way to ensure that you greet every guest and thank them for coming. Make sure to allocate enough time in your timline for the receiving line.

3. Room Flip - A room flip happens when the ceremony and reception are held in the same room. The room will need to be quickly transformed from ceremony to reception, which typically involves moving furniture, changing table settings, and setting up the dance floor while guests enjoy cocktail hour. Hiring a professional wedding planner or venue coordinator can make this transition seamless.

4. Unplugged Ceremony - An unplugged ceremony is when the couple requests that guests turn off their phones and cameras during the ceremony. This allows for everyone to be present in the moment and not distracted by technology. It also ensures that your professional photographer is the only one capturing the moment. Pro Tip: Ask your Officiant to announce that it is an Unplugged Ceremony before the Processional! BONUS Tip: Allow for time right at the start of the Ceremony for guests to get out their phones and take a photo/selfie with you and your Bridal Party as the background!

5. First Touch - A first touch is when the couple wants to have a moment together before the ceremony, without seeing each other. This can be accomplished by standing around a corner from each other or holding hands with a door between them. It's a beautiful moment for the couple to share before the ceremony begins! Not to be confused with the First Look, where you actually will see each other! Pro Tip: This is a great time to exchange a letter, vows, or gifts!

6. Kings Table - A Kings Table is a long, rectangular table where the wedding party, and sometimes their plus ones, sit on both sides during the reception. This is a great option if you have a larger wedding party since allows everyone to be seated together. Other options include the Head Table for just the wedding party and couple all seated on one side, and the Sweetheart table just for the couple (and maybe a friend or two!)

7. Charger Plate - A charger plate is a large, decorative plate that is placed beneath the dinner plate. It serves as a decorative accessory and helps to keep the dining table clean during the meal and marks where guests sit. Pro Tip: If you have a buffet, have whoever is dismissing tables remind people that they will get their plate at the buffet so they don't bring the chargers up!

8. Gobo Lighting - Gobo lighting is a type of customizable lighting that projects a design or pattern onto a surface. This can be used to project the couple's initials or a decorative element onto the dance floor or walls.

9. Nosegay - A nosegay is a small bouquet of flowers that can be carried by the bride or bridesmaids. It's typically smaller than a traditional bridal bouquet and is a great way to add some additional color and texture to the wedding party's look.

10. Escort Card - An escort card is a card that lists a guest's name and indicates which table they are seated at. It's typically placed at the entrance to the reception and helps guests find their seats. Escort cards are often also used to indicate the guests meal choice for plated meals.

11. Trunk Show - A trunk show is an event held by bridal salons where they showcase a specific designer's collection. This is a great opportunity to see and try on a variety of dresses from a designer you love.

As you begin planning your wedding, don't be caught off guard by unfamiliar terms in the wedding industry. Use this guide to help you understand some of the more common words you may come across. Being knowledgeable and informed can help you make more informed decisions as you plan your dream day. Happy planning!

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